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About Us

The journey of A Loving Act started with just that -- a loving act.  In 2012, our founder, Attiyah Ali, visited a local prison and found that showing those incarcerated that there is hope for a better future.  She increased her visits to weekly, knowing that an impact was being made.  In 2013, the outreach efforts included providing essential personal supplies to the homeless in the Atlanta, GA community.  With the aid of fellow local 49ers fans, the "Helping Hands" Homeless Supplies Drive has become an annual event with donors from all over the country. Thirdly, an officer of the local juvenile court system saw a need first-hand where volunteers can help transitioning youth transport their belongings to their next home. This is the advent of the "Duffels Not Trash" Program, where kids can not only move their treasures with dignity, but receive books and toys to cherish in the future.  These three outreach initiatives serve as the foundation for A Loving Act's support to the disenfranchised.

A Loving Act's mission is to support and enhance our local communities through spiritual guidance, educational enrichment, and tangible support to the incarcerated and the less fortunate.  Our vision is to be organization that takes pride in providing a safe place for anyone to rebuild a positive life, where each person feels equipped with the tools to become entrepreneurs of their own futures. Each time, we help someone reach their potential, we build a stronger community.  A Loving Act's vision is already spreading, inspiring similar outreach events in Tampa, Houston, and Washington, DC.


Click here to meet the leadership of the newly-registered 501c3 charitable organization that has blossomed from just one Loving Act.

Our Core Values


“While we empower local volunteers to assist the program, we are accountable for excellence and performance at the highest standards and authority of the program. We empower our clients to be accountable for their lives.” 


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